* All dogs will be shipped by ground!

We are currently using Shawn of East Coast Pet Transport fromerly of Bull Skull Kennels for all our East Coast customers.  You can contact Shawn directly @ 904-315-1434

NEW  We are now using Ronnie Squires of Puppy Transporter for all of our West Coast customers. You can contact Ronnie @ 251-510-8553.

If you know of another transport service that you trust and would like to use, you must use one that does door to door shipping. Im located in the mountain's and the nearest major highway is around 35-45 mins away. I do have a wife and family and im not going to get up in the middle of the night and drive to meet a transporter.

* The shipping fee is $250-$300 depending on which courrier you choose.

*Alot of the transporters must have a deposit up front to even schedule a shipment.  Then you pay the remaining balance when the pup/dog is delivered. That is up to the buyer to handle the deposit if required. 

*Please remember, your pup or dog must be paid for before any shipping arrangements are made.



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