*************** NEW PUPPY PRICE****************

Pup's $800  This is the price if picked up. Shipping charges are seperate.

Prospects   Call for the price of any prospect you may be intrested in.

Deposits are not refundable PERIOD! If you have a deposit in on a certain breeding and the breeding does not take, your deposit can be transferred over to another breeding of your choice.

Boarding Fee's  We DO NOT operate a boarding facility. Once we have agreed on a date for you to pick your dog or pup up, for every day over that date, it will be a $10 a day boarding fee.

NOTICE: If you havent picked your pup up or made shipping arrangements by the time the pup is 12 weeks old, you will be charged $10 a day for bording. Its not my place to raise your dog! 



Stud fee on all our males are $600. Money will be paid up front before the breeding is made. If we are unable to complete the breeding you will get your money back. If your bitch is shipped, and you are not here to handle your dog, she will be put on a breeding stand and muzzled for the safety of our stud dog. I will take photo's of the lock on all 3 breedings so there is no doubt that the breeding did take place.

NO PUPPY DEALS!! DO NOT ASK!! My last experience with puppy deals ended up costing me an outrageous amout of money to keep the pups alive after I got them here because they were not properly cared for by the previous owner.

*NOTICE*  If you bring your bitch here and leave her for stud service,  once again we do not operate a boarding facility. You must bring eneough food for your female to eat while she is under my care or you will be charged $10 a day for everyday that she is here.


We accept the following payment methods:

1. Money orders.  Please send only United States Postal Sevrice Money Orders. These are sold at any post office and are guaranteed against theft or loss.

2. Walmart Money Gram or Western Union

3. PayPal, If you have a paypal account all you have to do is click on the Paypal buttons below and make purchase. Please contact us before making any purchase. 


Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!   Deposits on Pup/Dog - You will be sending us $200.00 but the total cost will be $206.39 to cover PayPal fee's.


Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!  Pups - You will be sending us $600.00, but the total cost will be $618.39 to cover PayPal fee's.



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